Today's Date is Saturday, April 21, 2018
Speaker Ron Miriello
A Moving Presentation of Survival and Success for Everyday Life
A great Inspirational speaker for youth, college, military, organizations and businesses. Ron Miriello shares real life experiences as a 'Navy River Rat' while serving as a 50 Caliber Machine Gunner with the Army / Navy Mobile Riverine Forces - Vietnam.  During the years that followed, he achieved professional
successes as a Vice President in higher education and in bussiness.
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You will not want to miss Miriello's 90 Minute Intense, Informative, eye-opening and inspiring presentation of his experiences during the 'Vietnam War'

Division 91 River Rats PatchRiver Rad BadgeHe shoots you with the truth and He separates the 'MYTHS FROM THE FACTS' in a FAST-PACED; EMOTIONALLY-CHARGED EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATION About The VIETNAM WAR.